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Stephen Watts

Since installing the IP Office system, we have made immense savings on our telephone services.

As a national Direct Marketer of wine using telemarketing, we needed the best value phone services available. Many companies have approached us in the past with amazing promises. Talking Business Co simply delivered and I’d be happy to recommend them over the phone.

We were looking for a phone system that would save us money while maintaining the level of service we already had. We installed an Avaya IP500 telephone system into our businesses which connects us to our clients using voice over the internet technology instead of the old fashioned multiple lines from Telstra.

We have reduced the capacity of lines without any reduction in service. It was important to us that the service was just as good as the old one, if not better. And the quality of the phone system overall is excellent. Now, if we have a problem, it’s usually due to the back-end carrier who is experiencing problems and everyone in the area is down, not because of Talking Business Co.

I would not hesitate in saying the reason the phone system works so well is because of the hard work the owner of Talking Business Co, Brett Merriman, has provided to us since we installed the Avaya phone system. He ensures it works smoothly and that it runs like a well-oiled machine. When we experienced teething problems in the early months, he never shirked away from getting things sorted out whether it be day or night.

Stephen Watts
Cork Pty Ltd