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Midband Ethernet

Fast Midband Ethernet for Your Business

Our business grade Midband Ethernet service is suitable for businesses that need Ethernet speeds from 4 Mbps to 80 Mbps.

Talking Business's Midband Ethernet by Exetel is a dedicated symmetrical data service offering up to 80Mbps over 8 ULL pairs to cater for distance from exchanges and bandwidth requirements, with a 1:1 contention ratio and includes unmetered internet usage. The actual transmission rate experienced by the user is dependent on the cable distance to the exchange and the condition of the copper pairs used to deliver the service.

Having 8 copper lines to provide the service gives great redundancy too. If a line fails your service simply slows down a little. Our support team then quickly arrange a service on the line to bring it back to normal.

A Symmetrical connection guarantees the same speed for both uploads and downloads. With near fibre optic performance you can now give your employees remote access to your network, host your own email and web pages, and create private VPNs between your offices. All for much less than you would expect.

When combined with our Carrier Grade IP Telephony our Midband Ethernet by Exetel offers a cost effective solution for voice services when you consider that we can carry over 20 high quality voice channels on a 2 Mbps connection and that 20 ISDN lines cost about $680 ex GST from another major Telco. You can have our Midband Ethernet by Exetel for as little as $394 - and achieve a better outcome and it also includes internet access in the base price.

This is an indication of our monthly pricing for these services. Supply is subject to local exchange availability. Regional pricing may apply for services in non-capital cities. More options are available.

Midband Ethernet by Exetel
4Mbps with unlimited data from $394
10Mbps with unlimited data from $424 
20Mbps with unlimited data from $495 
40Mbps with unlimited data from $758 
 (ex GST - 3 year contract - installation charges may apply)

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