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Sky Muster NBN

The new nbn™ Sky Muster™ Satellite is now operational!

The Talking business NBN Sky Muster is an asymmetric service that utilises the National Broadband Network (nbn™) satellite service and is designed to provide fast and reliable internet services to businesses in rural areas in Australia and territories that fall outside the fixed line and fixed wireless areas.

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Our LTS Plans offer a peak information rate of 25/5 Mbps. These plans have a range of Peak data allowance from 50 GB to 65 GB and an Off-Peak data allowance of 60 GB to 85 GB depending on the plan chosen.

NBN Sky Muster Plans
Plan Monthly Total Peak Off-Peak Cost Total Contract Cost
Charge Data Data Data per Gig 12 Months 24 Months
LTS 110 $100.00 110 Gig 50 Gig 60 Gig $0.91 $1,250 $2,400
LTS 125 $150.00 125 Gig 60 Gig 65 Gig $1.20 $1,850 $3,600
LTS 150 $195.00 150 Gig 65 Gig 85 Gig $1.30 $2,390 $4,680

(Listed prices are excluding GST - a 12mth contract has a setup fee of $50 - a 24mth contract has no setup fee)

Bailey Brooks, a six-year old who lives on a cattle station 400 kilometers from Darwin, won a competition to draw a picture of how the satellite benefits rural Australians. Her drawing of the rocket was printed on the payload fairing.

The Shoot for the Stars competition invited children aged 5-12 to submit their own painting or drawing, competing for the chance to have their artwork displayed on the side of the rocket launching the communications satellite 36,000km into space.

Bailey and her remote classmates from School of the Air in Alice Springs also won the opportunity to name the satellite, calling it Sky Muster" as it would bring Australians together like a cattle muster.

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The Important Stuff

This is the Critical Information summary for our NBN Sky Muster.

This is an example of our Schedule 4 - NBN Sky Muster order document.

This is the link to the nbn™ Sky Muster™ User Guide.

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