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Wireless Broadband Ethernet

High Performance - Not High Priced

Talking Business is now in partnership with Cirrus Communications providing Australia's foremost Wireless Broadband Ethernet Service. This service is fully synchronous (the upload speed matches the download speed) so it is perfect for corporate use.

Cirrus owns and operates Australia's largest fixed wireless network with coverage in metropolitan and regional areas across New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia. The network incorporates over 200 wireless transmission sites covering more than five million residents and businesses with more than 6000 wireless links under management.

We have metropolitan and regional footprints and offer services from 1Mbps up to a full Gigabit - Now that's fast!
Along side Cirrus, Talking Business aims to be the most innovative and leading Australian wireless solution provider.

Please note that price and service availability are location specific and will vary from site to site. This is an indication of our monthly pricing for these services at a location without the need for a complex build.  Build and/or installation charges will be quoted once a site survey has been completed. Note that some site quotes may have no installation charge. More options are available.

Cirrus Wireless Broadband Ethernet Plans
Speed Monthly Charge Service Total Total Contract Cost
24 Months 36 Months Type Data 24 Months 36 Months
1x1 Mbps $169 $149 Standard Wireless Unmetered $4,056 $5,363
2x2 Mbps $219 $199 Standard Wireless Unmetered $5,256 $7,164
5x5 Mbps $299 $279 Standard Wireless Unmetered $7,176 $10,044
10x10 Mbps $479 $429 Standard Wireless Unmetered $11,496 $15,444
20x20 Mbps $699 $599 Standard Wireless Unmetered $16,776 $21,564
50x50 Mbps N/A $849 Cirrus-X Wireless Unmetered N/A $30,564
100x100 Mbps N/A $999 Cirrus-X Wireless Unmetered N/A $35,964
(ex GST - variable build and/or installation charges apply - total contract cost does not include these charges)

In "Techno Speak" Cirrus Wireless Broadband offers a 1:1 contention ratio and can also be provided as a Layer 2 service. In English, it has no-one else sharing your connection so you are getting the speed you are paying for and if you don't require Internet access, it can cost you less.

When combined with our Carrier Grade IP Telephony, Cirrus Wireless Broadband Ethernet offers a cost effective solution for voice services.
We can carry over 20 Carrier Grade voice channels on a 2 Mbps connection.
20 ISDN lines cost about $680 per month excluding GST from another major Telco.
You can have our service, guaranteed, for under $200 per month excluding GST - and achieve a better outcome.
That's a saving of over $5760 per year!

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These are links to the relevant documents for when you decide to use our Wireless Broadband Ethernet service.