Streamline Your Communications

Is your telephone system Unified Communications savvy? Don’t know what Unified Communications are? It’s the ability to use any form of communication service in a simplified way. The options are many, here are a few:

  • voicemail to email
  • internet telephone calls
  • easy call redirection
  • call twinning
  • and what we call ‘Presence’.

That is, be anywhere in the world – even on a beach – and your calls can be programmed to come from your office number.

And One Number Technology. This one is the shining light of them all. With this startling technology you will never lose a client to a staff member who moves on again. How does it work? You simply put the staff member’s direct office number on their business card and not their mobile. With a little programming, the number is then “twinned” to their mobile.

Your clients remain your clients when your representatives leave. There is a small cost associated with this service, however, when you weigh up the cost of losing clients, it’s worth it.

Talking Business can help your business utilise Unified Communications.

Call 1300 666765 now to discuss how we can help you improve your telephone services and save you money!

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