Most business telephone bills are confusing

Numbers or services is listed sequentially with low relevance data between the important parts. There can also be detail about statistics that mean little to most users and charts that look great but don’t provide necessary information. This Telephone Bill Analyser should give you a better understanding of how you use your fixed line telephone services. It allows you to compare your local calls to your national calls to your mobile calls. Your total service charges are displayed and your average call costs calculated.

It is useful for up to ten lines or services. If you have ten or more lines, we offer a no charge service to help you analyse your bill.

This example image was taken from an actual inquiry and the client went on to change to our Carrier Grade IP Telephony and realised the savings noted at the bottom of the example. Click the example for a larger image.

IMPORTANT: This Analyser is an Excel 2010 Macro Enabled Workbook. It will not work with previous versions of Excel. Please fill in the details on the right to have the download instructions emailed to you.

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