You want a fully featured telephone system with options like…

  • Music on Hold
  • Call Twinning to your mobile with Voicemail to Email
  • An Auto Attendant to route your calls

However, you believe that you don’t have the budget or the staff numbers to purchase this type of system.

We have the answer!

With as few as only one extension we can establish our ISPBX telephone system that gives you all this and more!

What is ISPBX

ISPBX is our Vodia cloud based telephone system and is deployed quickly over an internet connection without the need to purchase in-house PABX hardware and can even be deployed over multiple sites. It removes the initial capital investment and ongoing maintenance and support cost normally associated with traditional in-house PABX systems and provides a highly scalable and flexible solution using IP Telephony.

You get a choice of handsets that you can mix and match
Yealink T54W
Yealink W73P

You don’t even need to use physical handsets. We have Windows and Apple client software and both Android and iPhone clients. So easy to use – just brilliant.

What do you need?

All that is required is a stable internet connection that is capable of supporting the number of handsets you require.

If you have a Business Grade connection such as our NBN Enterprise Ethernet then you will also need a router capable of handling the difference between normal data and IP Telephony data.

Ideally, each conversation requires about 100k of bandwidth so simply multiply that by the number of concurrent calls you want and that is the total bandwidth that needs to be allocated. For say a five handset solution with everyone wanting to be on the phone at the same time then you will need about 500k of available bandwidth.

How much does it cost?
  • Each extension is $12 per month which gives two active SIP channels and also covers the hosting fee.
  • Company in-dial services are $15 per month per service which gives you time of day call management with day and night voicemail, Auto Attendants to manage your calls and Hunt Groups to route the calls. Yes – you can have multiple companies managed within the one PBX service with full separation if required.
  • A phone number to either a company in-dial service or an extension is available for $5 per month as required.
  • Setup costs start at a low $250.
Here is a scenario that you might recognise

A successful small business has five staff members and each one needs a phone extension. Some of the staff would like to be contactable while on the road and everyone would like their own voicemail. They have four PSTN lines and are paying about $40 per month for each line. Add a fax line and the monthly service cost alone is about $200 – and this doesn’t include their internet cost.

All they need to do is purchase some cost effective IP handsets and then for only $12.00 per month per extension and $15 per month per Main Company in-dial service we can give each user their own Voicemail, Voicemail to Email, Extension Twinning to their mobile, mobile softphone, a company Auto Attendant, Music on Hold, and a range of other services – at no extra cost.

They can even have personal Direct In-Dial numbers to any extension for only $5.00 per month extra per extension.

The total cost per month for this service, even with an NBN internet connection, is less than the business is paying just for their telephone services now… and they are getting many more features on top of saving even more on their call costs!
Note that all prices mentioned are excluding GST.

Can you afford not to think about it?

This is the Critical Information summary for our ISPBX Cloud Telephone System

Critical Information Summary - ISPBX Cloud Telephone System (142.24 KB)

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