Ultra-fast Business Grade NBN

Talking Business NBN Enterprise Ethernet is now widely available across most of Australia. It brings dedicated end-to-end fibre to any site in Australia located within the NBN fixed line footprint. If available, eligible businesses can now access a $0 fibre install on a 36-month contract (subject to a site qualification check).

We offer speeds from 100Mbps to nearly 1Gbps through two different Classes of Service (CoS). These different CoS set how much contention the service will have ranging from medium to none.

  • CoS-Low: is a Peak Information Rate service with the maximum speed being the speed contracted. For example, if you connect a 200Mpbs CoS-Low service, you will have a maximum of 200Mbps available at the Network Termination Device (NTD). CoS-Low is contended and is supplied on a best effort basis so you may not always get the peak speed. CoS-Low is excellent for general business use and cloud connectivity.
  • CoS-High: is a Committed Information Rate service with a minimum guaranteed speed that data will be delivered on the network. For example, if you connect a 200Mpbs CoS-High service, you will have 200Mbps available at the Network Termination Device (NTD) at all times. As a 1:1 dedicated service, CoS-High is used for time sensitive applications such as voice, video and Citrix because 100% of the bandwidth is committed.

A general note about speeds:
Speeds can be affected by factors such as, but not limited to; network utilisation and congestion, your equipment, the remote party you’re accessing, and fibre transmission overheads. For CoS-High, network utilisation and congestion are not a factor as this CoS provides guaranteed speeds to the NTD with a 1:1 Contention Ratio.

Talking Business NBN Enterprise Ethernet Plans
Monthly Charge
Monthly Charge
Total Contract Cost
Total Contract Cost
(prices are excluding GST. Metro-CBD zone pricing listed. Call 1300 666 765 for an accurate quotation for your address)

Talking Business NBN Enterprise Ethernet has three different Service Level Agreements (SLA).

24/7 SupportService Restoration Target *Monthly Charge
EE-1299.95% uptime guarantee12 hours with rebatesIncluded
EE-899.95% uptime guarantee8 hours with rebates$95.00
EE-499.95% uptime guarantee4 hours with rebates$145.00
(prices are excluding GST. *Target time noted where no plant work is required. If plant work is required, refer to the Critical Information Summary)

This is the Critical Information summary for our Talking Business NBN Enterprise Ethernet:

Critical Information Summary - Talking Business NBN Enterprise Ethernet (150.36 KB)

Can you can get Talking Business NBN Enterprise Ethernet in your area? Call us now on 1300 666 765 to find out.

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