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AAPT EFM Service

Are all Ethernet over Copper services the same?

No – there are several variables you should take into account when trying to find the right service for your business.

The most cost efficient service currently available is Ethernet in the First Mile or EFM however there are a couple of things to take into consideration before choosing this service.

Firstly, there’s geographic availability. EFM isn’t available everywhere. In some places, you’ll have to go with a Fibre-Optic, Midband Ethernet or Wireless Ethernet instead. And if you are greater that 1.6 kilometers from your exchange your options will be limited as well - hence the "First Mile" in the name.

Secondly, consider how reliable your service needs to be, given your business’s dependence on its connectivity. For example, a single pair service such as ADSL is reliant on a single line card. This means that if a problem occurs on a particular piece of hardware in your local telephone exchange, you could suffer a complete loss of service, rather than just a reduction in your connection speed.

It’s a better option to choose a multi-paired service to ensure that if a single piece of hardware fails at your local telephone exchange, you can still send and receive data – albeit with a reduced throughput.

Our AAPT EFM is a dedicated symmetrical data service offering up to 20Mbps over up to 4 wire pairs to cater for distance from exchanges and bandwidth requirements, and includes unmetered internet usage with a 1:1 contention ratio. The actual transmission rate experienced by the user is dependent on the cable distance to the exchange and the condition of the copper pairs used to deliver the service.

This is an indication of our monthly pricing for these services. More options are available.

2 Wire Pairs - maximum speed of 10Mbps $199
4 Wire Pairs - maximum speed of 20Mbps $299
 (Prices ex GST. 2 or 3 year contract. Min cost $5875. Installation charges may apply)

When combined with our Carrier Grade IP Telephony our AAPT EFM offers a cost effective solution for voice services when you consider that 20 ISDN lines cost about $790 ex GST from another major Telco. We can carry over 20 high quality voice channels on our 2 wire pair service, guaranteed, for $304 - achieving a better outcome and it also includes internet access in the base price. Plus our installation fee is a third of what the other Telco charges.

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