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NBN Services

The Future is Now Here (or so we are told)

Talking Business is an active provider of the National Broadband Network (nbn™) and our Buroserv NBN offerings give corporate users the best chance of getting a good service from the standard NBN TC4 service.

Traffic Classes
Most current nbn™ plans run on Traffic Class 4 (TC4), which is a best effort service suitable for home use and small businesses using email and Internet browsing. Traffic Class 2 (TC2) on the other hand, is a Business Grade traffic class used to deliver symmetrical Internet with a constant guaranteed speed. It has a 1:1 contention ratio and supports applications which are sensitive to latency and jitter.
This page is only discussing TC4

Buroserv NBN is currently delivered using a mix of Fibre To The Premises (FTTP), Fibre To The Node (FTTN), Fibre To The Basement (FTTB) and Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC).

The main features of our service are:

  • Very low 20:1 Contention

  • Improved performance and exceptional resilience

  • Very low latency for near real-time response

  • Unmetered usage

Just like ADSL2, the nbn™ service comes in many flavours and is subject to certain limitations. Firstly there are a variety of speed offerings (Tiers) ranging from Tier 1 at 12 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload through to Tier 5 at 100 Mbps nominal download and 40 Mbps nominal upload. We are offering all service Tiers and all have unmetered Internet access (subject to our Fair Use Policy).

What you may not know is that on all Tiers above Tier 2, nbn™ will actually only guarantee 25Mbps / 5Mbps when supplied on either FTTN or FTTB services. It is only the nominal performance that is advertised in most marketing as actual performance is dependent on many factors.

Even more disturbing is that where there are also ADSL services in operation - deemed as "Coexistence" by nbn™ - the speed guarantee drops to only 12Mbps / 1Mbps. This means that during the first 18 months of supply EVERY location is in Coexistence so speeds will vary often.

Talking Business NBN Plans
Tier and
Nominal Rating
Monthly FTTN - Expected Total Total Contract Cost
Charge Service Speed Data 12 Months 24 Months
Tier 1 - 12/1 $71 12Mbps / 1Mbps Unmetered $902 $1,704
Tier 2 - 25/5 $77 25Mbps / 5Mbps Unmetered $974 $1,848
Tier 3 - 25/10 $85 25Mbps / 5-10Mbps Unmetered $1,070 $2,040
Tier 4 - 50/20 $90 25-50Mbps / 5-20Mbps Unmetered $1,130 $2,160
Tier 5 - 100/40 $110 25-100Mbps / 5-40Mbps Unmetered $1,370 $2,640
(ex GST - $50 activation charge applies on 12 month contract - contract costs include this charge where applicable)

You should also be aware that when the NBN is rolled out into an area, the existing Telstra copper delivered services are switched off and need to be moved over to the NBN. This includes all ADSL services and your PSTN and ISDN telephone services. Note that moving your numbers to the NBN is not automatic and your existing services will be permanently disconnected if you fail to act. Most modems suitable for NBN usage have two sockets that accept old style phones so this is great for a residential user but for a business this will normally not be sufficient.

For more details about what services will be affected please refer to the nbn™ “What networks will be replaced” web page.

And just like ADSL, the NBN (as a residential service) will be highly contended as nearly everyone in an NBN enabled area will be using it. Yes, the initial speed is faster and it is delivered over a fibre back-haul link but this high usage will affect the performance.

One major Telco is offering a Tier 5 "Business Only" service at 25:1 contention for around $200 per month.
Talking Business NBN contention is lower still at only 20:1 and cost $90 per month less.

If you are a business in an area that is about to go live with the NBN then make sure you have plans in place to change your old telephone lines over to Carrier Grade IP Telephony to get the right quality of service and give your callers the best voice experience possible.

An added advantage of using our NBN service is that our IP Telephony is prioritised on our network so your inbound call quality will be perfect.

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