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Fax to Email Gateway

What is the Talking Business Fax to Email Gateway?

Talking Business’s Fax to Email Gateway is primarily a service to receive a fax as an email. Our standard $10.00 ex GST per month service allows unlimited inbound faxes into your inbox only. With special arrangements it can also send emails to be received as a fax.

It allows you to:

  • Receive a fax into your email inbox or
  • Send the contents of an email to a fax or
  • Send a document that is attached to an email to a fax

How do I receive a fax?
A fax sent to your fax number will arrive as an attachment to the email address you registered at the time of configuring the service.

How do I send a fax?
As previously noted, this service is initially priced to only receive faxes through your email system. The cost of sending a fax within Australia through this service is 15 cents ex GST per fax to a fixed line number and 35 cents ex GST per fax to 1300 numbers. The cost of sending an international fax is a timed call to that country.

Please call  us on 1300 666 765 to discuss your options for sending and assistance with registering your email addresses and the creation of your security passwords.

Can I use an existing fax number?
You sure can. We can arrange to port your existing number over to our service. Remember though that if you have other services that used the existing fax line then these will stop working when the fax number is transferred - a major consideration before changing to this service.

This service is best suited to businesses that have a single published in-bound fax number and use multiple out-bound machines or a business that is moving premises and want to simplify their fax services or as previously mentioned, where the fax line is not used for any other purpose.

Not all Fax to Email Gateways are the same.
Talking Business’s Fax to Email Gateway is hosted in Australia and certainly gives value for money. Why pay for an old fashioned paper based fax receiving system when you can use email distribution to manage your faxes.

Call 1300 666765 now to discuss how we can help you
improve your fax services and save you money!

Here is a detailed Q&A on our Fax to Email Gateway.