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BYO Phone System

Does this sound like you?

  • You have an older phone system that you really like and you want to take advantage
    of the new business grade internet communications everyone is talking about.
  • You have three to eight PSTN telephone lines (also known as analog lines)
    or you have one or two ISDN telephone lines (also known as BRI or digital lines).
  • You have been told that you need to spend a motza to upgrade your system.

Forget what you have been told!

We have some amazing devices that sits between your existing phone system and an internet connection. Everything else remains the same so there is no new stuff to figure out for you or your staff.

What are they?

  • For a PSTN service we use a Cisco SPA8000 8-Port AnalogTelephone Adapter.
  • For an ISDN service we use a Patton SmartNode Digital Telephone Adapter.

We take one of your existing phone lines (your fax line is a good choice) and add a new high speed internet connection to it. This becomes your dedicated IP Telephony connection to the internet. We connect our Adapter to an internet modem so it can talk to the web. Then we can connect up your existing telephone system to our Adapter.

After some fancy programming from us, you are now back in business with sound quality better than you have ever had and costing much less than before. It can even "fail-over" to the underlying telephone line in the event of a local power failure.

We can also remotely manage it so you don't normally need to pay for a technician to come on-site should something out of the ordinary happen.

You could save more than $3,600 per year with our help!

A business PSTN line is approximately $40 per month with line hunt, therefore, 8 lines x $40 is $320 per month. Whereas a high-performance internet connection and a single primary number is approximately $134 per month from Talking Business.

That is a saving of $186 per month in the service cost alone.
Add the call cost savings we give and you could be saving in excess of $300 per month!

That's over $3600 per year. Can you afford not to think about it?

Call 1300 666 765 now to discuss how this great little product will
help you improve your call quality and save you money!