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Talking Business wants to give back to those who are in deepest human need. Our aim is to provide 'A Hand Up' not a 'Hand Out' for children in extreme poverty. We are passionate about being a part of changing their futures so they can grow up with the hope of having a job and being able to be an active part of their community. In turn, these children can then create more positive change for future generations until extreme poverty becomes a thing of the past. 

Desire Yameogo

Birthday: 11 May 2006
Country: Burkina Faso

We first sponsored Desire in June 2012 when he was six years old. Burkina Faso is a land locked country in West Africa.

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Charity Ziro

Birthday: 17 March 2007
Country: Kenya

We first sponsored Charity in March 2014 when she was seven years old. Kenya is a seaboard country on the east coast of Africa.

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Ruslani Grace Sigalingging

Birthday: 10 August 2010
Country: Medan, Indonesia

We first sponsored Lani in September 2014 when she was three years old. Medan is on the western arm of Indonesia just below Malaysia.

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Lidya Takele

Birthday: 23 August 2002
Country: Ethiopia

We first sponsored Lidya in March 2015 when she was twelve years old. Ethiopia is a land locked country on the west coast of Africa.

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