What happens to my telephone service when the NBN is switched on in my area?

What many consumers are not aware of is that when the NBN is rolled out into an area, the existing Telstra copper delivered services are switched off and need to be moved over to the NBN. This includes all ADSL services and your PSTN telephones (ISDN is not currently affected by the NBN).

Note that moving to the NBN is not automatic and your existing services will be permanently disconnected if you fail to act. The basic supplied Network Termination Device has two sockets that accept old style phones so this is great for a residential user but for a business this will normally not be sufficient.

For more details about what services will be affected please refer to the NBNCo “What networks will be replaced” web page. 

 If you are a business in an area that is about to go live with the NBN then make sure you have plans in place to change your old telephone lines over to Carrier Grade IP Telephony to get the right quality of service and give your caller the best voice experience possible.

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