NBN is in the next street so why can’t I get it in my office?

You are not alone if you are pondering this question. There are a number of reasons this could be happening. Often until the entire area being upgrading is complete no one can connect, so for example, you won’t be able to connect until the fibre is ready for the people at the opposite end of your zone as the entire zone is activated at the same time.

It can also be that you are actually just outside of the zone that the next street is in. In that case it could potentially be a very long wait until you get the NBN.

An even harder situation is when neighbours in your street have the NBN and you are told that your business is located at a “bespoke” address and there is no available service. This fancy talk normally means that there are more than four businesses that want to connect to the NBN at your address. A special build is required to get the service to you so speak with your building manager and ask if the build design work has been done.

Absurdly, how your address is written and your actual business name can also influence NBN availability. One of our clients is at an address that covers two residential buildings so the address is hyphenated and they have the word “Suites” in their business name. These two things caused NBN to mark them as a Bespoke address which stopped them getting the service for close to a year. Happily we managed to correct those small errors and they now have the NBN.

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